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Bera Holding
The first company of the Bera Holding, Kombassan A.Ş. (Konya Matbaa, Basım, Ambalaj İmalat Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi) was founded in the last days of 1988 and commenced its operations during 1989.

Bera Holding has based its operations on proper employment, manufacturing activities and exportation opportunities. Since 1989, Bera Group carries on too many activities in different sectors such us sector of paper, cardboard, print works and packing materials, sector of machines and motors (ball bearing, crane, steel construction etc.), construction sector (reinforced concrete station, prefabricated houses, PVC, MDF, marble, etc.), mining sector (lime, etc.), food sector (pasta, flour, semolina, legumes, biscuits, water, etc.), tourism and hotel sector, foreign trade, LPG, petroleum, textile and many others.